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Becoming Comfortable When Working With Sexual Assault

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Home-Study Courses


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4/27/2022 - 4/27/2050

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Home Study Course: Online Learning

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The workshop is designed to help participants
1) Differentiate the definitions and terms used with a sexual assault survivor 
2) Identify NC State Laws regarding sexual assault including statutes of limitations
3) Utilize techniques to better help a survivor when processing their trauma
4) Utilize techniques for therapists to prevent compassion fatigue

This training will go over terms most likely to be heard during sessions with a sexual assault survivor: sexual assault, rape, abuse, consent, force, penetration, and perpetrator. Presenter will also touch on NC state laws regarding sexual assault and provide resources for attendees to look up on their own. For this presentation the presenter will focus on working with adult survivors of rape. Presenter will talk about typical symptoms a survivor may experience after an assault. This is also where some techniques to utilize with the survivor will be presenting; Mindfulness techniques, CBT, and EFT. Presenter will discuss the definition of compassion fatigue and techniques for a therapist to utilize to help counteract compassion fatigue. Presenter will provide resources for therapist at the end for attendees to utilize on their own to gain more understanding of any local resources for survivors. 


Billie-Rae Nelson, LCMHC, LPC, NCC, CCTP
 graduated from University of South Alabama in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She worked for 4 years in a community mental health child and adolescent outpatient clinic. Billie-Rae also volunteered at the local Rape Crisis Center as a victim advocate for 6 years. She received a certification as a Clinical Trauma Professional and has knowledge with trauma, childhood abuse, posttraumatic stress disorder, anxiety responses, and depression.


605 N. Terrace Place 
Morganton, NC 28655
(919) 714-9095

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