Licensed Professional Counselors Association of North Carolina

Professional Development Training is a critical element of every clinical mental health counselor and is a central core of LPCANC's mission.

Our LPCANC Mission - 
  • Promote the development of LCMHCs through professional excellence and 
  • Respond to the continuing education needs of LCMHCs in North Carolina

The LPCANC Board of Directors and the Professional Development Committee (PDC) cordially invites you to submit a conference proposal.

LPCANC's 2022 conference theme is Resilience.  A definition of resilience is an individual's ability to bounce back from life's adversities. It is what gives a person the psychological strength to cope with stress and hardship.  It is the mental reservoir of strength that people are able to call on in times of need to carry them through without falling apart. 

We could not think of any other topic as relevant as resilience for our conference based on what the world has been through these past two years. Specifically, the mental health crisis has become a pandemic within the pandemic. As counselors, WE MUST have resilience in order to help our clients tap into their own inner strength. 

As you prepare your conference proposal topic and content for LPCANC, please include an aspect on resilience as it relates to your content area and topic. Our goal for the conference is to empower counselors to carry on the message and provide relevant and helpful tools to help our clients be resilient no matter what they are facing. Preference will be given to proposals that contain a component on resilience. 

When submitting your conference proposal, please consider the following: 
  • LPCANC is a 501c6 nonprofit professional membership association dedicated to the profession of licensed clinical mental health counseling. 
  • Aside from the importance of advocacy to advance and promote our profession, LPCANC focuses on promoting excellence in professional development.
  • If you are not currently an LPCANC member, we welcome and encourage you to become a member. In terms of presentations, LPCANC Members will receive first consideration.
  • We would be honored to have you and your colleagues join our inner circle of many esteemed members.
To be accepted as an LPCANC Presenter, one must:

1. Hold a graduate degree in a mental health field from a regionally accredited educational institution; and, be qualified by appropriate education, experience, and/or training to present/author the particular subject matter, or author the publication concerning the subject matter.

2. Hold a graduate degree from a regionally accredited educational institution directly related to the subject matter presented; and, be qualified by appropriate education, experience, and/or training to present/author the particular subject matter, or author the publication concerning the subject matter



We are accepting proposal topics which are of an evidence-based clinical paradigm in all areas of importance in the clinical mental health counseling profession. However, preference will be given to topics within the following areas:

1. Neuroscience and Trauma Care

2. Burnout/compassion fatigue/secondary vicarious trauma/self care - for ourselves and those we serve
3. Your Professional Journey (i.e. students as they graduate, newly LCMHC's, and/or Fork in the road - changes to career path to manage burnout, receiving & providing supervision) 
4. Impact of COVID: Suicide risk and self-harm, Substance Misuse, Depression, and Anxiety
5. Ethical considerations, interventions, and approaches to Telehealth 
6. Mental health for military members, Veterans, and their families 
7. Helping clients manage chronic pain 
8. Substance abuse 
9. Multicultural competence in counseling 

Furthermore, to be accepted as a training proposal, the proposal must fall within one of the following categories:
  • Counseling Theory/Practice and the Counseling Relationship
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Social and Cultural Foundations
  • Group Dynamics and Counseling
  • Lifestyle and Career Development
  • Assessment 
  • Research and Program Evaluation
  • Professional Counseling Identity and Practice Issues
  • Wellness and Prevention 
All training proposals must include a brief abstract or training synopsis and a minimum of 3 learning objectives.

**If you are unable to complete your proposal application from beginning to end you will be sent an email with a passcode to complete your existing application when you exit prior to submission. Also, please click the tabs to go back to a previous section as there is no back button. If you confirm and submit your proposal but have not successfully completed it you will have to email to have any edits made. If a required field is not applicable to you please put NA to be able to continue your application.**